Welcome to Snuff Spoons.com!

Here at snuffspoons.com, we offer a prestigious range of snuff paraphialia for both the snuff connoisseur and the party animal within. We present our individual, designer snuff spoons etc in both solid silver and 9 carat gold (price on request for 18 carat and above and for the addition of rare gems and stones), as well as other prestigious materials for other items.

Our handmade designs are complimented by a hand selected range of snuff paraphernalia to meet your needs. New products and limited edition designs will be released through out the year to continually whet the appetites of the collectors amongst you.

Due to the fact that many of our products are hand made by our in house designer, we advise that shipment can be up to 28 days. We believe that this is a small price to pay for the individual and prestigious designs that you are purchasing from our bespoke website.

Whether it be for style, as jewellery or for your little habit you can't give up, we will be designing snuff spoons and associated products to tease you and please you. So allow the style guru within you to enter this site and feast your eyes on our unique range of products. All of our own designs are copyrighted by ACID designs.